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Looking for a picture...

I've been trying to find a picture of Skin to use as my desktop wallpaper but all the ones I've found are really small or have writing on them. anybody know of a gallery or just have a picture they can upload for me?

something along the lines of...


Or this

something dark and sexy.

by the way, anybody at the Edinburgh gig? It blew my mind! amazing. thats all I can say. amazing.
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Just joined

Ey, just wanted to say "hi" and, dunno, see if anyone stil thinks that Skin's new single doesn't sound very good.

I hope the rest of the album sounds better than "Alone in my room".
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hi everyone,
just joined although it looks as though the community has all but died. i have recently discovered Skin through her fleshwounds album and am now interested in knowing more about skunk anansie. if there was only 1 album you could recommend of theirs, that's a good intro to what they're all about, which would it be?
thanks, bg.

Skin is lovely

I love Skunk Anansie as well. Skin is sexy and strong woman. Her imago is, I don't know her personal. I'm jealous for her about her voice, her skills and her strength. It's cool to join to your Skunk Anansie Community. And yes, I'm 23 years old girl from Finland. Sorry grammar mistakes.

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i'm big fan of skunk anansie.
i love their music and i think that there isn't one song that i dislike.
so i'm just saying a big hello to community from slovenia ^^

btw is this community breathing or is it dead already?
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