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did anyone get the chance to see skin on her recent tour?

i saw her in manchester at the hop and grape and it was amazing. i had heard that she wasn't very good live, but i don't know where they got that idea, because i thoroughly enjoyed myself and she was captivating on stage. i actually managed to get hold of her hand, and she performed some skunk anansie classics (hedonism, twisted, charlie big potato, weak etc), which made it twice as brilliant. seeing as i never got the chance to see skunk anansie perform live before they split, it was the next best thing.

just curious to see if anyone else had seen her, and what they thought?
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Sounds like a great experience.
She unfortunately didn't come to Copenhagen :(

she had a really good reception/sold out gigs over here, so maybe she'll be on her way over to you very soon, *fingers crossed*

i think she's just trying to make a name for herself over here, she's been performing on lots of award shows and things. it could be that she wants to be known over here as a solo artist, before she goes abroad.
I can definitely imagine. She needs to work from almost scratch now, due to the fact that she didn't release her solo stuff exactly after the break up, were people still had them in mind cause of their newest singles.
She took a long break, and people forget. Except from us die-hard hardcore fans :)
yeah, that's true.

she seems to be trying to appeal to more people on her own, whereas people might not remember skunk anansie, and because her solo stuff is quite different to SA, it really is like starting all over again.

i don't think she'd have a problem selling tickets though. she sold out over here, and i suspect that it's because people knew her from skunk anansie, even if they hadn't heard all of her new stuff.
I, too, haven't gotten the chance to see her, since she's not come over to America on a tour... and I don't expect her to until the cd, if it ever does, gets released over here. *pouts*

I'm hoping she's touring at some point when I visit england again-- Next summer would be good. *laughs*
heh, you'll have to ring her up and arrange something! ask her nicely :)
I saw her the day before my 30th birthday at Birmingham Academy and I also got to shake her hand outside!
She was awesome!!
I am an avid Skunk fan too so it was great that she did a few as I expected she would...lots of fans would have been very disappointed otherwise?
Yes, I expected a couple, but not as many as were performed. It was just a nice surprise to see some of my favourites up there.
I was there. Bloody amazing.