Super Falling Star (talesque) wrote in skunk_anansie,
Super Falling Star

Ok, this time it's for real

Anyone knows good advertisement communities?
I really want this community up and running properly.

And remember, advertising in communities you're members of (which allow it of course), is greatly appericiated.
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I've used community_promo in the past, that's the main advertising community.

I've also just made a post in british_bands, which you might see.
I realised after I'd joined and written this post that you were the maintainer :)

And when I woke up from my nap, I saw you had made the advertisement. Thank you :)
Btw, it's an awesome idea for a community.
If you want I can advertise it on record_snob. Think it will go down well there.

Thanks <3
Yeah, that'd be cool, thanks! :)