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Just joined

Ey, just wanted to say "hi" and, dunno, see if anyone stil thinks that Skin's new single doesn't sound very good.

I hope the rest of the album sounds better than "Alone in my room".
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i cant get any of her new stuff ANYWHERE..apperently its like out of print or something..which is ridiculous
Really? Not even in those HMV shops or Virgin Megastores? How weird...
I only heard it on the website before, and I have to admit, it's really not my favorite song. I haven't been able to listen to it and see if it grows on me, but the first listen I wasn't impressed. :(
I agree... there's no "real Skin" there...
I think that the last song that I really enjoyed was that cover from Getting Away With It...

But... hell, I didn't liked Trashed nor Faithfulness but still loved Lost and You've made your bed...
You've made your bed is a great song, but sometimes it seems to me that the full album lacks great music. But at the same time it lets you concentrate on the great voice)
I think exactly the same about Fleshwouds...

I've just brought the remixed version of "Alone in My room", I think that could work on the dancefloor.