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I' m new in this community, but I love skunk anansie / skin...nothing feels better than driving around with skin in my stereo..magic...does anyone know if she is going to scandinavia soon?

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Hi, I am new in the community ... and just wanted to say that I really dig SA, a lot.
I was also wondering if anyone can tell me where I could download any mp3's of SA albums?
I would like to have a few of there songs...

Thanks M.

Cool community

Hey Peeps
Some of you might want to check out record_snob.
Cool music related discussions, and not the regular britney vs xtina piss. At the moment it's the "top 5 best, and top 5 worst concerts you've been to".

Hope to see you there :)
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did anyone get the chance to see skin on her recent tour?

i saw her in manchester at the hop and grape and it was amazing. i had heard that she wasn't very good live, but i don't know where they got that idea, because i thoroughly enjoyed myself and she was captivating on stage. i actually managed to get hold of her hand, and she performed some skunk anansie classics (hedonism, twisted, charlie big potato, weak etc), which made it twice as brilliant. seeing as i never got the chance to see skunk anansie perform live before they split, it was the next best thing.

just curious to see if anyone else had seen her, and what they thought?
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Hey Guys.
This is jacqtheripper, just that I've switched account and now go under the name talesque.
Either way, we need to get this community up on it's feet.
Any suggestion to how we could recruit new members and get something going in here?

The Skunks deserve a decent lj community :P
Hope you're all doing good.
Take care :)
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-- Glamour

The latest issue of Glamour has the teeniest article on Skin and her house. This is probably more of a girly thing... I'd post it up, but I don't have a scanner. There's not much to it, but I was most surprised to see her in the magazine!
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Hey peeps.
Have been on the messageboard and doing some commercial for our LiveJournal community. Hopefully, we should see more people signing up :)

Have finally got the new cd, and I love it.
I do miss the up-tempo songs, but every song on there is so through and deep. Amazing. Skin really gets to expose her vocals.
Ace will be out with his on the 26th of this month if I am not mistaking. Argh can't wait. June is the christmas eve of Skunk Anansie fans.

I won't be able to make banners until the weekend is over. Blame it on the chemistry. If you feel like it, then kill it!

Skunk on :D
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typical introductory post

Why I never looked for an SA community before is beyond me, but I finally did recently. So, now, here's the obligatory hello post.

I'm Angela. 19, from Ohio, USA.

I'd heard of Skunk Anansie before. I don't know where from. But i never actually heard them. Was too lazy to check them out too.

I used to go by the name of 'Sevendust' on a game chat(before the band of the same name got much recognition.). I had downloaded some of their songs, as well, and happened across Licking Cream, which has Skin doing vocals. Her voice amazed me, and after a bit of research, I found out who she was. So began my adoration of SA, after hearing many of their songs.

I visited my boyfriend in England last october, and he told me an intersting story; He bought an mp3 cd player, and it was supposed to be brand new. When he got it home and opened it, Stoosh was in it. Just the cd, not the case. He ended up giving it to me cause he knew I'd like it, on a train ride. That was my first time hearing the entire cd through, and I realized I liked them even more. It had to have been fate.

To my sheer delight, I also found out around that time, that Mark Richardson was the new (possibly temporary, as nothing's confirmed yet really, but..) drummer for my favorite band ever, Feeder.

So, that's really the basics of it. The best part though, happened last May 29.

Feeder's touring in the US now. They're opening for this horrible band. But, I drove the 4 hours to Cleveland to catch feeder. And I got the pleasure of meeting all the band, including Mark. They all hung out in the slightly-small, but there crowd, ended up going out to their bus, which I did too, waiting for them to come out after relaxing a bit. Appearently, Mark had went back in the venue. I was waiting to talk to Grant (Some other girl was talking to him, I wanted to wait my turn and not be rude.) I heard a door open from the stage behind me, and looked over my shoulder, and there was Mark again, with one of the roadie-type people, I think. I didn't catch his name. Anyways.

Looked over the shoulder and smiled at Mark, I figured he'd do what most people do, smile and walk off. Instead, he threw me for quite the suprise by telling me I had a gorgeous smile and coming over and putting his arm around me. We chatted for upwards of 40 mins, and he said lots of cute playful things to make me blush like mad during that time.

So yeah, I've met Mark. Totally sweet guy. And I have a big crush on him. Haha. :) That's my (kinda) SA story.

edit: http://www.geocities.com/jezebelsevenkitty/feeder1.html second picture down there is me and mark. Yes, i'm aware I'm ugly.
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